The Italian Job 2 (Angelica KO vs JB)


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JB lost to Angelica KO once before. Now he is here to get revenge. He traded in his pink panties for red with matching panties. Angelica knows that he’s here for revenge and strokes his pantied jobber cock with her gloves to establish dominance. They immediately lock up and Angelica gains advantage by throwing some knees into JB’s jobber belly. A barrage of belly punches weakens JB and culminates in a kneeling, grinding low blow by Angelica.

Angelica is no angel as she throws JB to the mat and drops an elbow on his jobber chest. He smothers him with her armpit and JB licks and sucks her sexy armpit. At the same time she punches his jobber belly even placing her superior foot on his cock arousing him. She starts giving him a footjob but before he can enjoy it she picks him up and starts belly punching him again. Angelica throws him back down to the mat where he belongs. She grinds JB’s face into the mat. Angelica flips JB onto his back and places a modified knee bar on JB punching him every time he tries to sit up.

Angelica picks the panties jobber up and slams him against the wall. She splashes him and pervy JBpulls down her top revealing her breasts. This enrages Angelica who then hits JB with punches in bunches. She then finishes him with a knockout punch followed by face sitting and Belly/cock punching. After a victory pose, she makes JB worship her pretty feet.