The Librarian


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We fade in to see JB in his pink singlet taking on The Librarian played by foot fetish model Victoria Bell. The two opponents tie up and Victoria takes JB down. Underestimating her strength they tie up once again and this time JB takes down The Librarian. Victoria shoves her feet into JB’s face and he instantly starts to worship her feet. He licks her soles and starts sucking her toes. Pervy JB grabs Victoria’s gorgeous feet and starts rubbing them against his cock.

The Librarian is appalled by JB’s disgusting behavior so she hits him with a double kick to the chest. JB falls between her legs burying his head in her crotch. Victoria starts to spank JB which causes him drive his pelvis into her crotch. It seems that both opponents are enjoying the situation. The Librarian takes control and allows JB to worship her incredible feet. She flips him over and starts rubbing his crotch with one foot allowing him to worship the other one. JB is grinding his clothed cock on that perfect foot with its pink pedicure.

A schoolgirl pin secures the victory for The Librarian, but JB is the real winner as she controls both heads with her feet.