So You Want To Be A Wrestling Jobber?


“I would be a way better jobber than JB!” 

“Do you need a male jobber?” 

“How can I become a male jobber?”

 These questions come up a lot in wrestling forums, e-mails, or DMs. I receive an inquiry from guys wanting to be in videos at least once a month. So here is my advice on how you can become a male wrestling jobber. 

Before your enter the business of fetish wrestling videos the first thing that you have to do is to accept that your identity may be exposed to the world even if you wear a mask. You have to sign a model release with your real name and have to provide ID. That material can be exposed in data breach. It is highly unlikely, but is possible. Are you okay with possibly your family, friends, employer, coworkers, neighbors, etc. knowing? And even though I said possible you have to be prepared  that it will happen.

The second thing that you have to consider is what are your talents and limits? Do you have any wrestling skills at all? I’m sorry to tell you this, most of you don’t. I hear so many stories from producers and models of male talent just laying there on the mat doing absolutely nothing. 

Can you apply pro wrestling holds safely? Can you perform a body slam or suplex safely? Can you follow instructions or are you going to try to turn this into your own personal session? Do you have a martial arts background? Will you do femdom? Real ballbusting? Are you willing to be knocked out? Are you willing to be humiliated? Fetish? Nudity? 

The more versatile you are as talent, the more opportunities you will have to shoot more scenes. 

Can you show up on time? Will you be sober? Will you not come across as some creepy horny guy? Can you act? Can you perform erotic wrestling which is what I do? These questions come from stories I have heard from models and producers.

Sex wrestling is even more difficult. Can you keep an erection while other people on set are watching you? Can you cum on command? Can you get an erection multiple times? Can you last for the whole scene or are you going to have an accident? Can you cum multiple times for multiple shoots over an hour or two? A lot of guys think that they can be a porn star but they can’t even do the basics.

A lot of female wrestlers use the same males because they trust them. They know that the males they regularly work with aren’t going to hurt them from a wrestling standpoint or be inappropriate with them. 

Production assistant 

This is a much slower indirect way to get into the industry. If it were me, I would contact the local producers, wrestlers, dominatrices, porn stars, everyone who is creating adult content and ask if they need help with production. That might get your foot in the door. I don’t need another male talent in my videos because I am the male talent and I am a the Curvy Girl Wrestling brand. Some customers buy my videos because I am in it, but I may need help with a cameraman or someone to help set up and break down the set. 

“That’s a stupid idea! Why would I waste my time doing something that doesn’t directly get me into the wrestling shoots?

This action would show that you’re serious about wanting to get into this business. Do you really think that a wrestler is going to shoot with someone they never met?Most of the ladies do not shoot with strangers. They are more likely to work with you if they know you, and seeing you around the set they get to know you. You can network between takes, etc.  I have been asked for recommendations for male talent for things that I am not comfortable doing like scissor knockouts. I would be more likely to recommend someone that has helped me in a shoot.

Cold call

You can send e-mails, DM, etc to all the producers and wrestlers asking if they need a jobber. While there are anecdotal cases of success this will not happen to you. They get hundreds if not thousands of emails, DMs, and texts wasting their time and this just adds to it.

Pay the models

You can either pay them to be in a video or ask to film a session. Most session wrestlers would be agreeable to this, but if you plan on posting the video or selling the video you will need a signed model release and ID confirmation.

Make your own videos

The easiest way to be come a jobber is to make your own videos. I will talk about this in my next blog entry so stay tuned.

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