How to Meet Session Wrestlers (FOR SESSIONS)



A fan/friend of mine asked me this question: “You’ve had matches with women. What advice can you give to guys who want to meet session wrestlers? And what are the do’s and don’ts?”

I haven’t had a session in a long time, but much of the same advice that I would give about finding models to shoot wrestling videos will apply here.

The best place to find session wrestlers is or They both list hundreds of women who you can pay to wrestle. It lists local wrestlers and traveling wrestlers.

I would also recommend going to wrestling forums like where they have session reviews and lots of advice. Also start following session wrestlers on their social media accounts to see their travel plans and start supporting their business ventures like Only Fans and their clip stores. You also can sometimes get the opportunity to communicate with them directly which can bring some positive attention to yourself.

Do’s and don’ts for session wrestlers:


-Research the wrestler before you contact her. Many of your questions will be answered on her website or profile. 

-Be brief and to the point in your communication. The ladies get hundreds if not thousands of DMs and e-mails and most of them are time wasters. Things to include in your communication: available date and time including alternates, type and length of session, references, deposit ready if necessary. (Do not put any text in the memo sections of payments this can raise suspicion and she can lose her payment platform) You should be able to have your session booked within 2-3 emails/DMs. The hardest part about this is to balance providing enough information about what you want and not making your correspondence too lengthy.

-Be on time. 

-Be respectful.

-Shower before your session and be well groomed.

-Know that gifts and tips are appreciated but not mandatory. If you are going to get her a gift get something that she wants or needs. Flowers are nice but can be impractical. Amazon or travel gift cards although impersonal are more likely to be appreciated. Cash is probably best.


-Try to haggle over price. A session is a luxury. Save up your money.

-Be inappropriate. I have heard so many stories from ladies where the client wanted extra services. There are other providers available who will cater to your need whether it be topless or full service. Just find that provider.

-Insult or talk smack or call her out on social media unless she agrees to it.

-Also understand that the ladies may do things in video work (nudity, sexual content) that they do not do in sessions because they are working with professional male talent or producers. The same goes for sessions where there may be preferred clients who get special treatment.

Other options for wrestlers include exotic dancers, escorts, and dominatrices. Your luck with a dancer will depend on your relationship with her and her wrestling skills. Some dancers will do private dancing for special clients outside of the strip club so it’s possible she will agree to wrestling.

With escorts and dominatrices they usually have websites or ways that you can communicate your request. They also will not shame you for your kink. A last option could be female bodybuilders, martial artists, indy wrestlers in your area. They may need additional funds for their training, traveling etc, and be willing to do sessions.


How to date a wrestler:

My advice on dating will be much shorter because I am not a dating expert at all and if you know my personal life you know that I know nothing about dating or women! So please take this advice with a huge grain of salt. Finding a session wrestler girlfriend is much much harder but not impossible. Many of the ladies that I work with are single and unattached.

I would suggest doing the things that single people do when trying to date. Invite her out for a meal after a session. (You may still need to pay for her time plus the meal) Volunteer to be a tour guide. Be her Uber driver while she is in your area. These are all things that allow you to spend some time with her outside of the provider/client relationship. It will also allow both of you an opportunity to see each other as “real people” and see if the other person has the qualities to make you want to pursue a romantic relationship.

There are however some session wrestlers have an “I don’t date clients policy.” Also be aware that just because she is a session wrestler doesn’t mean that she enjoys wrestling during intimate time with her partner. It is highly unlikely that she is going to quit wrestling other guys because of you. Remember that aroused guys will be touching your girlfriend. Depending on what her limits are she may help them “release” or provide other “services”. If you are insecure about that don’t even get involved.

It would be much easier to find a non-session wrestling partner and introduce wrestling into your sex lives than date a session wrestler. A lot of people will indulge in their partner’s fetish because they love their partner. Many partners even grow to enjoy wrestling and both now have the fetish they share together.

 What do you think? I would love to hear from those who have dated or are currently dating session wrestlers or anyone that has experience on this subject.

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