These are just some unrelated random thoughts that I have had and I wanted to post them. 

I am so sick of the rift that exists between “competitive” fetish wrestling fans and fantasy fetish wrestling fans. For transparency I am a fantasy wrestling fan and producer. Even competitive or semi competitive wrestling is somewhat staged. There are rules, the combatants are not going all out. In most cases they are not dislocating joints and purposely trying to hurt each other. I respect your love for competitive fetish wrestling and I will never put you down for it. All types of fetish wrestling fans can coexist without animosity.


Your “great” idea for a video is a terrible idea and won’t sell which is why no one else has done it yet. So order it as a custom instead.



No you would not make a great jobber. You think that you would be a great jobber.  Being a good jobber is not easy. The most common complaint that I hear from models and other producers is that the male will just lay there and do nothing, he can’t execute any moves properly or safely and that he can’t act.



If someone compliments you on social media, take the time to say thank you or at least like they compliment. That can come off as rude and conceited. They may have 50K+ followers, but take a few minutes to read your compliments from your fans and admirers and acknowledge them. Also I prefer to follow people with way less followers because they tend to interact with their followers more than some star with thousands of followers.



Alpha males are really just an insecure group of men that keeps having to remind themselves how great they think they are. Beta males get made fun of because they may have traits like empathy or respect. Hey alphas! Lack of empathy is what sociopaths have. I would love to meet one of those keyboard “alphas” in person one day and see how they will really do to a 6’0” 190 muscular “beta” male.



Guys we come off as so creepy when we interact with models/wrestlers. I get contacted by males a lot because they think that I’m a female. (Some of my profile pics on social media were of the ladies) and the stupid or creepy things that are said are unbelievable. I cringe when I look back at some of the emails and DMs that I sent models or session wrestlers. Nothing rude or obscene just stupid things. I am glad that I learned from those mistakes. 



I don’t like scissors videos or competitive wrestling which is why I shoot fantasy, however I appreciate the quality of work that the producers put into their projects. I appreciate the skill of the combatants. Just because I don’t like a genre doesn’t mean that it’s not high quality and that I don’t respect the work.



Please stop the hypothetical wrestling match discussions. No! Taylor Swift or Britney Spears cannot defeat the average male.



The biggest thing that I have noticed over the past few years (although it has been going on forever) is the pure audacity that cis men have when it comes to women. The rude and dismissive way they treat women. The “expertise” in knowing what women want in all aspects of their lives. I find myself doing it also so I am just as guilty, but I try to check my patriarchal attitude when I notice it and try to listen more. I’m trying to be better.

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