JB’s Origin Story


JB’s persona is a reflection of me when it comes to fetish wrestling. He is a jobber who loves sexual pro-style wrestling. JB gets aroused while wrestling and especially when losing. He loves wearing panties, pantyhose, leotards, girdles, bikinis as his wrestling outfits. He really enjoys the humiliation that he has to endure after losing like sucking toes or sucking other things. Where did this all come from? What’s his origin story?

The panties, pantyhose, leotards, etc. fetish was the first part of my fetish development. It came primarily from looking at old Sears or JC Penny catalogs growing up. My panty/pantyhose fetish came from there. The texture of that material against my skin and the way my body looks while wearing it got me quite aroused (and still does).

The female fighting aspect started with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and Yvonne Craig as Batgirl from the 60’s Batman TV series. Watching those women in their sexy outfits beating up the villains was a huge turn on for me and really shaped my early sexuality.  I especially enjoyed when they would fight female criminals. 

Superheroines fighting and women’s lingerie were the foundation of my fetish, but things really developed in the world of wrestling. I was a huge wrestling fan growing up and this was right at the time that female wrestling was taking off. WWE was in the height of the “Attitude Era” and their content was PG to R rated. It was really exciting because they had bra and panty matches featuring the Divas but also had Chyna who was wrestling the guys. ECW was getting big and they had women like Dawn Marie and Francine the Queen of Extreme as valets/wrestlers. There were some great catfight moments. Besides pro wrestling, there were the occasional mud/oil/jello/whipped cream wrestling scenes from movies or television.

The biggest television influence on me was the GLOW television series. It had all my fetishes in one place. Campy pro-style wrestling, lots of spandex, handicap matches, body piles. There were a couple of barefoot wrestlers that fed my foot fetish. I would imagine myself as one of the GLOW girls in spandex always being defeated and humiliated.

One of the great things about GLOW was the diversity of the cast. They had a BIPOC roster decades before diversity had been recognized, and they weren’t trying to be politically correct. They had plus sized models to petite models. No matter what your type there was a GLOW girl for you. My favorites were Colonel Ninotchka and Matilda the Hun.

I don’t remember the exact day, but I remember the details that changed my life forever. One morning I was at a newsstand reading a wrestling magazine and in the back of the magazine were classified ads for catfight and fetish wrestling magazines and videos. I discovered a world that met my sexual desires exactly. It felt as if I had been liberated and was not alone in what I thought was my weird sexual predilections.

I purchased a lot of videos from Joan Wise and Jaguar Videos, but my favorite was Video World Production and Nancy Novak Videos. They emphasized more on the curvy side and back then curvy/full figured was not the beauty standard so those companies were pioneers. Most of their matches ended with some erotic aspect ranging from kissing to face sitting to full sex.

Eventually I discovered that some of the girls in the wrestling videos did sessions.  I was introduced to session wrestling from that and from wb270.com which still exists. It’s one of the most famous directories of session wrestlers back then. For those who don’t know, a session wrestler is a person that is paid to wrestle clients. It’s usually females hired by males. 

It took several years before I got the courage and money to try a session. Once I had my first, I was hooked. I sessioned with dozens of women and it fulfilled a lot of my needs, but something was still missing. Sometimes I didn’t get the full erotic experience that I was looking for. Other times I didn’t get scenario I wanted or the moves that I wanted applied. The biggest difference between sessions and producing videos is I never felt that I got exactly what I wanted in a session because I couldn’t script out every detail. By acting in and producing my own videos, I can control the action entirely and set up JB’s character however I want. He wears the outfits I want. He loses in the humiliating way I want.

 I am JB and JB is me.

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