Alexandria Hamilton vs JB


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THIS IS THE MATCHUP THAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! 2 of the best fantasy wrestling jobbers meet for the first time. In the Modest Moms Wrestling ring Alexandria Hamilton takes on JB from Curvy Girl Wrestling. Alex enters the ring first. She looks stunning in her white bodysuit that accentuates all of her curves. JB enters wearing his usual pink jobber panties.

The two opponents circle each other and tie up in a collar and elbow. Alex gives JB a hip check and tries to smash his head into the turnbuckle but JB reverses it and smashes Alex’s head into the turnbuckle. A snap mare and a bodyslam further weaken his opponent. JB gets up on the second rope and before he can splash Alex she throws him across the ring. Alex attempts to pin JB but he kicks out.

JB rakes the eyes and drags Alex’s pretty face across the ropes. JB further embarasses his opponent with an OTS carry showing off Alex’s ample ass to the camera followed by a slam. As JB gloats Alex gives him a low blow. She places him in a camel clutch and a stink face. JB returns the favor with his own low blow/

As each wrestler becomes more and more weaker they exchange belly punches. A double bearhug still cannot decide the winner. They exchange corner splashes. Finally they clothesline each other. Alex tries to pin JB but can only get to a two count before collapsing on her opponent.The two wake each claiming to be the winner.