Boobarina vs Dakkota and JB


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JB partners up with Dakkota since both of them have lost to Boobarina in the past. But 2 jobbers is not better than one Boobarina. Dakkota takes on the plus sized goddess first ducking under and applying a gut wrench hold. Boobarina pushes our blonde jobber into the corner and drops Dakkota with a butt bump. JB enters the ring to try to save his partner. Boobarina applies a drop toe hold that trips JB and makes him head butt his partner’s crotch. Goddess Boobarina then flips JB over and applies an armbar. His partner tries to help, but gets stacked on top of her partner and is placed in a double armbar. Dakkota tries to leave but is thrown back into the ring. Boobarina throws them both into the corner for a corner splash and double stink face. She finishes them off with a Banzai drop. In the end we see the 2 jobbers arguing over their loss.