Heavenly vs JB 2


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JB has been waiting for over a year for his rematch with Heavenly. The two opponents circle each other and when Heavenly tries to lock up, JB ducks under and applies a gutwrench hold. Pervy JB grabs Heavenly’s incredible breasts. JB changes to a conventional bearhug followed by a sidewalk slam onto the bed. Heavenly vows revenge. JB applies a temple drill. He rolls his voluptuous opponent onto her stomach and applies a crossed leg chinpull. JB loves feet and starts playing with Heavenly’s world famous feet.

Seizing on her opportunity Heavenly give JB a little footjob action and kicks him in the face. She grabs him by the ear and places him in a chicken wing. JB tries to counter with an elbow but misses and Heavenly gives JB a taste of his own medicine by giving him a front and reverse bearhug. Heavenly’s wrestling skills have improved. She proceeds to punish JB with a reverse atomic drop and a devastating clothesline. Heavenly is known for her scissors and she displays her scissoring skills on jobberboy JB.

JB gets to experience her awe inspiring body but not in the fun way as she smothers him with her boobs and belly. She then finishes him off with an onslaught of butt drops. Heavenly’s victory is sealed with a face sit and she will not get up until JB taps. The jobberboy finally taps her rubenesque ass as Heavenly laughs at his pathetic jobber ass.