Rachel Adams vs JB 4


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“Fourth time is a charm!” says JB as he faces Rachel Adams once again. Rachel looks absolutely stunning in a neon green thong leotard. She playfully pats his bulging cock implying that’s the only reason that he’s there for the rematch. The two familiar combatants tie up and JB gains initial control by throwing Rachel onto her back. JB continues the onslaught with a series of forearms to Rachel’s lower back. He has the audacity to pull down the top of the leotard revealing Rachel’s outstanding breasts. The red pantied jobber bodyslams Rachel on the bed as she is reeling from the damage to her lower back.

Pervy JB takes advantage and starts to hump his opponent. He performs a leg spread which punishes his sexy opponent even more. He then strips her completely nude. JB keeps pouring it on with an over the shoulder backbreaker. JB crawls over his opponent talking smack only to have Rachel go on the offensive with punches to his jobber skull. Rachel places JB against the wall and punches his mid section over and over and over. A fishhook camel clutch continues JB’s annihilation. Rachel applies a spladle and a pedigree to finish the pathetic jobber off.