Tilly McReese vs JB


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In another edition of our very popular Bedroom Wrestling series Tilly McResse takes on JB. Tilly looks outstanding in her tiny blue bikini and matching kneepads while JB is wearing his traditional jobber pink. The two opponents engage and struggle for an advantage. JB clubs his Irish opponent across her back and places her in a full nelson rag dolling her back and forth. Pervy JB grabs Tilly’s breasts and even exposes them for the camera. The pink jobber is on the verge of a win as he pins his sultry foe with a schoolboy pin.

Tilly escapes by shoving her fingers in JB’s big mouth and placing her gorgeous foot on his pink pantied crotch. Knowing about JB’s foot fetish she shoves her foot into JB’s mouth. A series of belly punches softens JB up. She bearhugs him rag dolling him around to see if he can take what he dishes out. JB in one last pervy move grabs her great ass and Tilly has had enough. She applies a reverse guillotine to subdue him. She wakes him up by grinding her foot on his jobber dick.

She throws him into the wall and preforms a wall splash. Tilly grinds on JB and performs a ball grab even switching hands. She performs a series of kicks that lays him out onto the bed. She’s about to breast smother JB, but his jobber ass doesn’t deserve it. Instead she splashes him and pins that pink pussy JB