Wedgie Wrestling (Ziva Fey vs JB 2)


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JB has his long awaited rematch with Ziva Fey. Ziva looks absolutely incredible in a sheer white thong leotard that accentuates her amazing body. JB is late so Ziva warms herself up with some punches and kicks. JB sneaks across the bed and grabs Ziva by her incredible breasts shocking her. To add insult to injury JB picks up Ziva and applies a front wedgie while lifting her. Jb doesn’t want to disappoint the audience, so he also applies a rear wedgie showing Ziva’s cute ass.

Ziva retaliates with some belly punches on JB’s jobber abs. She applies a flossing wedgie. JB is getting both a front and back wedgie in his yellow panties. Both combatants remove their respective wedgies. They tie up once again and Ziva wedgies JB. He reverses the wedgie and applies a rear wedgie to Ziva. He then applies a combo bodyslam, powerbomb, suplex combo to annihilate his opponent.

JB whips Ziva into the wall then performs a wall splash. Ziva collapses onto the bed. Pervy JB wedgies his opponent some more and dry humps Ziva. JB tries a sidewalk slam but Ziva kicks him and throws him to the bed. She wedgies JB multiple times in multiple directions and even dry humps JB.

An atomic drop weakens JB some more and an amazing flying crucifix sends JB to the bed. She whips JB into the wall but pervy JB grabs Ziva’s incredible ass. Ziva uses her black belt skills to make JB pay for his indiscretion. JB still manages to pull down Ziva’s top to reveal Ziva’s breasts.

Ziva has had enough! She leg scissors JB onto the bed and continues her wedgie onslaught.