Q and A-Part 1


I have been receiving a few questions from fans and also asked some friends for questions and I would like to present them in a little Q and A.

Are you aroused wrestling women?

Yes. Wrestling is my primary kink so thinking about fetish wrestling, viewing fetish wrestling and participating in fantasy wrestling gets me aroused. I am not always aroused while I shoot but probably 80-90% of the time. It has become my trademark and what I am known for so the models that I work with understand that I will be aroused during the shoot. Even though I am aroused I still maintain complete professional behavior.

Can some women beat you easily?

Absolutely! I do have about 10 years of martial arts training including grappling and I work out regularly with Olympic weightlifting so I can likely beat many people if I tried especially if went back to training. That being said: Bettie Brickhouse, Bella Ink, Feisty Feminista, Mikayla Miles, and Cassie Cummings all could beat me handily. Those are just ladies that I have worked with. There’re probably 50+ other models or session wrestlers that could easily beat me.

How to have a boner like yours and control your ejaculation?

Fortunately I have never had an accidental ejaculation on set. Any ejaculation that occurred was part of the scene. When I am shooting a scene even if I am aroused I am thinking about the action, the dialogue, the lighting, so I might be distracted enough to not ejaculate. Also if I am in a situation where it might happen I can either shift my body to stop the stimulation or I will call “cut’ and end the scene and explain why the scene was cut. The models understand that those things can happen during a shoot. This is important because if the possibility of fluid exchange has not been discussed with models that’s a big no-no. If I have to ejaculate in the scene I just think of things to try to distract my mind so it’s not premature.

What is your favorite wrestling gear?

Although I don’t wear them often it’s a shiny spandex tank sleeve leotard with high cut legs. 

Did some injuries happen in some of your matches?

Nothing serious. I am really aware of the capabilities of myself and the models that I work with so I do not perform a lot of dangerous moves.

Do you prefer wrestling in a ring or on just a mat?

I prefer a ring. There is so much more that you can do in the ring. Work the ropes, get thrown into the corner, get thrown out the ring, the ring entrance,etc. 

How many hours a week do you spend working on Curvy Girl Wrestling?

I have a regular vanilla job so I cannot dedicate my full attention to the site. I spend about 10 hours a week on the site on average mostly on weekends. If I am shooting it will be more like 14 hours per week. If I didn’t have a job, I would devote full time 60 hours a week.

Do you have a favorite model?

Yes I do but I will not reveal it so I don’t piss off other models.

Have you ran into models that were surprised/intrigued by the work and your gear preferences?

Most of the models I work with have experience wrestling. The few that had no experience wrestling were surprised by how much fun it was and were eager to do it again. I have been contacted by a few models who were intrigued with wrestling and wanted to try it out because it looked like fun. 

All the models love the wrestling attire that I wear. Some even request certain wardrobe attire. My most popular one is the pink singlet, but I get a lot of compliments about the pink panties with matching pink knee pads. Most males in wrestling videos don’t wear the type of outfits that I wear which brings another unique angle to my videos.


I had so much fun answering these questions. Please send more questions so that I can do another Q and A Contact Us

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