What Happened to You Guys?


“What happened to you guys?! Your company used to feature larger women wrestling each other. Now every match has to have baldy in it! Why would anyone want to watch a man in basically speedos!!!! Now your company sucks! “ 

Short Answer:

 -Companies change over time.

-Our content changed based on sales! That’s what companies do! 

-Lots of wrestling fans like mixed wrestling.

This message was recently sent to me from who I assume is now a former fan of my work. (Although why was he all over the website if he hates my work?) This got me thinking about the history of Curvy Girl Wrestling and the direction that we are going in currently.

When I started Curvy Girl Wrestling 13 years ago (I can’t believe that it has been that long) my vision was always to produce erotic fantasy prostyle wrestling videos featuring BBWs fighting smaller girls and guys. The girls were always going to be barefoot or in pantyhose and wearing spandex because I have a foot fetish and a spandex fetish besides the wrestling fetish. The male talent was always going to be me in spandex and speedos and leggings. Those outfits I wear are nothing new. They have been there from the beginning. Perhaps skimpier but not new.

I always wanted a heavy erotic element to my wrestling matches, but it was difficult to find female talent that was okay with nudity and sexual content and could wrestle. Models don’t necessarily want to work with a new producer which is understandable. Also I was very shy and found it difficult to discuss the specific erotic wrestling content that I wanted with potential models so would just leave my content as very vanilla matches just to put some content out. Looking at those old matches they were good, some were great but they were never what I truly visualized in my mind.

As I became more well known in the industry I was still producing mostly fem vs fem matches but I typecast myself as producing milder fantasy wrestling matches and never taking the risk of shooting really erotic wrestling. That is solely my own fault and I blame no one but myself. The mixed matches back then were a little more erotic than the fem vs fem but still not what I wanted to make. If I had to do it over again I would have gone with erotic wrestling right from the beginning. But also I‘m not sure if erotic matches so early in my career would have looked good because I have gained so much experience shooting and producing. 

My sales were always around 60% fem vs fem and 40% mixed wrestling, but in 2019 that changed dramatically to about 80% mixed wrestling and 20% fem vs fem. The change was because of my appearance in a series of sex wrestling videos for another producer. I started becoming known for sex wrestling. With sales reflecting an increased popularity for erotic mixed wrestling videos that is the direction that I have chosen to go. I never expected that I would become the brand for Curvy Girl Wrestling, but that is exactly what is happening. 

I am not going to waste production costs on videos that do not sell and fem vs fem is not selling well. Wrestling and erotic humiliation of JB is what I have always wanted to produce and it is also what has sold over the last 4 years. If sales change, I will change the direction of my production. 

Yes, there is definitely changes in what I have produced. Any producer has changed from their original offering to present day. That is called maturing and evolving. For me over the years there is more eye-rolling, tongue out, humping, speedos, etc. There are more high powered moves like power bombs and body slams. There’s more erotic material including full male/female sex scenes. I am looking to expand into other fetishes like wedgies, cross dressing, etc. but I am 100% committed to produce erotic fantasy wrestling. If you want more BBW vs BBW action then buy more videos and order customs.

I purposefully decided on the name Curvy Girl Wrestling because curvy is a subjective term. It doesn’t exclusively mean BBWs and I don’t shoot exclusively with BBWs. I just shot with a famous BBW model Sydney Screams. Dolce Vandela and Caroline Pierce are curvy models I just shot with. Malice BBW, Olivia Jaide, SBBW Jae , Bettie Brickhouse have worked with me the past few years.

I have also lost a lot of models due to retirement, relocation, etc. Boobarina, Krystal, Lita, Mariah, Rebekah, Maggie Dubonet, Lush, Kimberly Marvel are all gone. Models come and go in this business so if you have a favorite model buy her clips and order her customs because they won’t be here forever.

As for being a baldy in speedos, there are many successful mixed wrestling sites with the main focus on the male: Sleeperkid, Hanz Vanderkill, Tee Jay Rules, DJ Sleepy Boss, Humiliated Jobber, Darius from HTM, MMA Domination all feature the males. Most mixed wrestling companies have one person as the male star.

This is the direction of Curvy Girl Wrestling now and the reasons why.

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