I have on occasion been asked about sponsorship. Different producers have different definitions/criteria for sponsorships, but here is mine. 

Sponsorship is when a fan or group of fans pay small amounts of money to help with production costs or to add to the prize purse of a catfight. The amount varies. It can be as little as $5 or $10 to as much as hundreds. Why would someone want to sponsor?

You cannot afford a custom, but want to see a certain move or two.

Customs can be quite expensive (The Cost of Customs) and many people cannot afford them. A sponsorship may allow the fan to get the one or two moves that they love added to a clip or have a particular shot created. (for example a fan sponsored a stink face move which I added to a match) They may want a prolonged victory pose or extra long convulsion shot. This can all be accomplished via sponsorship. Depending on the amount donated you can probably get a free copy of the video.

You like a certain producer/model and want to help with production costs.

Producing content can be extremely costly. Between production costs, piracy issues, and low sales because of the economy; some producers are struggling to survive in this market. Sponsorship  may help support your favorite producer or model and keep their business afloat.

You want the model to wear a certain outfit but don’t know her size.

It’s obvious that I like certain outfits in my shoots for both myself and the models. If you’re a fan and there’s something that you want to see us wear you can send it to me or sponsor me so that I or the models can purchase it and wear it. It can even be returned to you if you want.

You have no obligation to sponsor anyone. Always take care of yourself and your financial obligations. I am not asking for donations or sponsorship. I’m just giving my thoughts regarding sponsorship because I occasionally get asked questions about it. Please let me know what you think. Contact Us Have you ever sponsored? What was your experience like?

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