Jobber Fetish


I have a huge jobber fetish! My jobber fetish is even greater than my wrestling fetish. I love jobbers! What is a jobber? They are the no named people that get squashed by the big superstar in a pro wrestling match. Jobbers are my favorite wrestlers. The way they sell getting thrown around the ring getting manhandled or womanhandled is an absolute turn on for me. My absolute favorite are the handicap matches where 2 or 3 jobbers get beaten up. My favorite move in these matches is the body pile up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corner pile up or a body stack on the mat it always turns me on to see that. The other thing I love is the humping body convulsions and the extremely short sometimes see through trunks the male jobbers had to wear especially in the 80’s and 90’s. Some of them looked like panties!  


I imagine myself as one of the jobbers in the bodypile trying to hide my erection, hoping that my fellow jobbers end up in some type of erotic position. The other members of my team feeling my erection and getting aroused themselves which makes us start to writhe and grind and hump each other. 

This influenced my wrestling videos from Day One.  I specialize in the mixed handicap match where me and my female jobber partner get beaten and humiliated by an opponent. We always end up in some sort of bodypile or stack humping each other, writhing over each other, or feeling each other up either overtly or secretly.

Check out some of my mixed handicap matches.

Two Jobbers for the Price of One


*EXCLUSIVE* Team Dolce



What is the major aspect of your wrestling fetish? Let me know.

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