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I have over 400 clips in my clips4sale store. Some good, some great, some disasters. Here is a list of some of my favorite videos that I have produced. This is a subjective list based on how much fun the shoot was for me and the quality of the final product. 

2 Jobbers for the Price of One Series

This is my favorite series. This is my vision of Curvy Girl Wrestling. Over the top facial expressions, some pro wrestling moves, bodypiles, horny jobbers humping each other. If you asked me to recommend a video this collection would be it.

Futanari Wrestling

This may have been my favorite shoot ever! To be beaten up by an oversized dildo has been one of my fantasies so I was glad to live it out.  Sydney Screams is an amazing actress and we had so much fun shooting this one. You know that a shoot is going well when the talent starts adding ideas. That means that she’s enjoying the shoot and is engaged. Some of the scenes are the hottest I have ever put on video. 

JB vs Invisible

This video, although solo, was extremely hot. It was my first invisible opponent video.  I wore my skimpy pink jobber panties and I was getting squashed by an invisible heel narrated by Caroline Pierce. I was thrown around, pedigreed, bulldogged, attacked from behind, suplexed and even wedgied which left me as a bed humping jobber mess. And my opponent finished my humiliation by getting me off with a vibrator.

Oh Canada

Mutiny is probably my all time favorite to work with. This match is really, really good and well choreographed. Mutiny looks fantastic in her bodysuit. She gave me the best compliment after the shoot telling me that I was as talented as some pro wrestlers that she worked with. She loved my selling ability. Not as sexual as my more recent content but still incredibly fun. I really want to shoot with her again one day.

Rachel Adams Series

These videos are great sellers and really good matches. Rachel is the consummate professional  and is extremely popular. She’s known more for her bondage content, but don’t sleep on her wrestling skills. Our matches have become increasing more sensual and exciting. Just wait until Chapter 3 comes out and the plans that I have for Chapter 4 is going to be ultra hot.

Loser Cums First or any Clips with Dolce and JB

Dolce Vandela is very special to me. This was my first full on sex wrestling scene. Dolce and I have amazing chemistry and it shows in all of our videos but especially this one. There’s no wrestling in this video but if you want to see all the pent up sexual tension between us explode on video here it is. This was one of my best selling videos of all time.

Bella’s #1 Fan

I like this one because it was over the top funny with some fun humiliation mixed in. I do love wearing that pink one-piece swimsuit (as you can tell in the video) and Bella is hilarious in this clip.

Kung Fu Barbie

Great fight choreography in this video. I have a black belt in Kung Fu but it’s not easy to find models who are comfortable enough with speed and timing to pull off the moves. Bella Ink is one of them.

Megan Jones vs Terra Mizu

2 professionals who have worked with each other for years made this a fun and easy shoot. Good action and interesting choreography.

Darling Rikki vs Orias and JB

An earlier mixed handicap match with 2 great actresses. Great improvised banter. The ending is really funny.

Kimberly Marvel vs Sofa, Titania and JB

A 3 on 1 handicap in a ring. Kimberly Marvel was a great trash talker. This video had some cool moves like a double armbar, triple stack Banzai drop, arm scissor.

Battle of the Jobbers

Another model that I have incredible chemistry with is Trisha Black. This video has piledrivers, body slams, high flying prostyle moves mixed with some sensual moves and kissing. 

The hottest videos that I ever made is not out yet, but it’s:

2 Jobbers for the Price of One- Chapter 3-The Horny Jobbers and Anastasia Rose vs JB-The Exes

I will release all of these videos on the website over the summer so that you can view them all.

Which video is your favorite?

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