So You Want To Be A Fetish Wrestling Producer?


In an earlier blog post, I covered some advice on how to become a wrestling jobber. I ended that post by stating that in my opinion the easiest way to become a male jobber is to produce your own videos. When I say easy it is easy in the sense of not having to rely on other producers to hire you which does not happen very often. Producing your own videos still takes a ton of work, but as a producer I never have to beg or pay anyone to put me in their video. I don’t have to send out emails and DMs to try to find role. I don’t have to compete with twenty other guys who also want to be in the video.

With platforms like OnlyFans and Clips4sale as well as other social media platforms it’s much easier to get content seen and to develop a presence. So here is some advice from a producer that’s been in the business for 15+ years.

First of all if you want to be a producer GO FOR IT!! Life is too short to have regrets. Follow your dreams! Being a producer is the most fun that I have ever had.

However here’s the boring part.


Which means:
Have a business goal in mind.
Do you want to do this full time? Part time? As a hobby? Set up benchmarks for one week, one month, six months, one year, ten years. Set sales goals and production goals. Do you want to work with a certain model? What do you want to be known for? What is your brand?

Have a business plan.
How are you going to achieve these goals? Will you have a business partner? How will you finance shoots? Goals and ideas without a plan are worthless. Utilize the Small Business Administration resources it can help you at least start a business plan. Have a business license. (if necessary in your jurisdiction) Do some research.

Pay your taxes.
Hire an accountant who understands the adult/fetish industry.

Be 2257 compliant.
You need to get a model release when you shoot and you must verify each model’s identity with government issued ID. Your model has to be of legal age. There are templates for model releases online or hire an attorney.

Be professional.
These aren’t personal sessions. Communicate professionally. Be clear about all the details of the shoot (nudity, pay rate, other talent). Models hate surprises on shoot day. During the shoot ask permission before touching or doing anything to the models. Constantly check on the model’s comfort by asking if she is okay.

Have Realistic Expectations
You’re unlikely to make 6 figures. Only the elite of the elite make that much. The average OF girls make ~$150-180/month. Not trying to discourage you but just giving you the harsh reality.


Now for the fun stuff:

Don’t shoot what other people say you should shoot. Those people have ulterior motives. I don’t care what you’re into (as long as it’s legal) shoot it. Your passion for that fetish will be seen in your work and fans of that fetish will see that passion too.

Use your cell phone or tablet (they are fine when you are first starting out because they shoot in HD and even 4K/8K and you already have one so no additional startup expense) and find a girl and shoot your own wrestling match. What most of you will find out is that it is way more difficult to shoot wrestling videos than you thought.

It’s not easy to find models to shoot with especially when you’re starting out because models can be wary of newbies. There’s a term GWC (guy with camera) that denotes a “photographer “ who is only doing it to feel up models. Your significant other may be okay with wrestling you privately, but might have second thoughts when it’s in front of a camera for a video for potentially the world to see. “But she can wear a mask.” Don’t get me started about masks!

You can pay for a model which could cost anywhere from $100 to $1000+ depending on the model’s fame and what you want her to do in your video. You can find established models on Twitter, IG, FetLife, Model Mayhem, and other forums. You can try independent wrestling shows, wrestling schools, martial arts schools, strip clubs, even escorts.

The first models that I worked with I got from Craigslist. That was Mariah, Kitra, Krystal, and Rebbecah. They told their friends and I got T-Star and Lizzy to work with me. With those 6 models I had a nice roster to produce different matches.

I think that the best option to find a model is asking a session wrestler to be in your video. They already wrestle lots of men for money, so wrestling you in front of the camera is probably not that big of a deal.

To keep costs down you can start by shooting in your house or apartment. Also look at other producers in your area that might rent out their space to use. I routinely shoot at another producer’s space. Also inquire from local dungeons in your area. Hotel rooms can be reasonably priced just be careful about noise.

Also please remember lighting. Lighting is the most important thing in photo and video work! I see so many videos or pictures from guys posting their sessions and cannot see anything because of horribly low lighting. I also see this from established producers who have been in the business for years. Poor lighting can’t be fixed in editing/post production! You don’t need an expensive lighting set. You can use sunlight if your place has good exposure. You can use regular room lighting, just adjust the camera settings. If you do want to buy a lighting kit look on Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook to see someone selling a used kit. You can get used equipment for a really low price.

After you have shot a few videos join a clips site like clips4sale or Manyvids. They have the traffic so that a lot of potential customers can see your store. You will need to update frequently so that your store is continually seen at the top page in your category. They will take a percentage of sales. Post your clips on multiple clips stores so that you can have several revenue streams because clips stores can close down without notice.

My feeling is that there are at least 1000 people in the world that are willing to pay $10 each for my content each month. That’s $10,000 per month. That’s not bad money. The group of 1000 people may change each month but you can do it.

The hard part is finding and retaining those 1,000 people, and we are all working on finding and retaining customers. That’s where marketing comes in. Develop a brand and use social media to promote your brand. Go on everything: Twitter, IG, Facebook, Tik Tok, Reddit, etc. Get those eyes on your product so someone will buy your clip and hopefully return.
Also consider getting a domain name for a future website in case all the clips stores get shut down. At least you will have a way to reach your audience if you get kicked off social media.

“Making my own videos sounds like too much work. I want to just travel around the country and get paid to shoot with a bunch of hot women wrestlers”
Many of the male jobbers don’t get paid or get paid very little. A few of them actually pay the woman to be in her video. Usually this is at a discounted price for a session. So maybe just stay a fan.

My last recommendation is to reach out to an established producer whose work you admire and ask for advice. Most producers love to give advice. I have learned so much from other producers and models it’s invaluable.

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